° There Is My Home

There Is My Home features Hawa Ibrahim and Batula Ismail, two women trying to support their families as farmers in Maine. Born and raised in the Jubba River Valley of Somalia, both learned to farm at a young age from their parents. When civil war broke out in 1991, their villages were repeatedly raided for food. Thousands of friends, family and fellow villagers were brutally killed. Hawa and Batula fled and eventually reached safety in refugee camps in Kenya. In 2004, they were resettled in Dallas and Baltimore respectively. But they struggled to adapt to city life. In 2004 they learned of a place called Lewiston, Maine — a small northern city close to farmland. That's where this story begins.

° Rwanda Reporting

Producer & Director
Fourteen years after Rwandan radio and newspapers fueled a genocide in which over half a million people were killed in only 90 days, a group of Rwandan journalism students and their Canadian professors debate the role of the press as they cover under-reported stories, form friendships and challenge international news outlets to publish stories about Rwanda today. (in production)

° Rebuilding Hope

Three "Lost Boys" return home after civil war forced them to flee South Sudan as young children. This is the documentary of their journey of discovery and their efforts to provide health and education to their communities. (in production)

°Telling it like it is

Consulting Producer
A film about the painter Bill Utermohlen - Alzheimer's & Art. (in production)

° The Jewish Americans (PBS)

Airdate: Wednesdays, January 9-23, 2008, 9:00-11 pm
This six-hour documentary follows 350 years of Jewish-American history, from the first settlement in the 17th century to the present, and explores the experience of immigration and assimilation.

° Changing Lives, One Story at a Time (Youth Communications)

Symphony Space: January 18, 2006
Producer & Director
Executive Produced by Ric Burns, this verite documentary goes behind the scenes to follow the creative process of three at-risk teens as they write and publish stories for other teens in newspapers published by Youth Communication.

° Annie Oakley, American Experience (PBS)

Airdate: Spring 2006
A biography about sharp-shooting Annie Oakley, one of the nation's first superstars.

° Chasing the Crown

Field Producer
Airdate: Summer 2005
A verite documentary that follows contestants of the Miss Ethnic World pageant as they compete for the title and grapple with issues of class and race.

° Love Files

Field Producer
Airdate: February 2005
A pilot for a documentary series about love. This episode focuses on the physical, emotional and mental responses of the human body when falling in love.

° Decisions that Shook: We Shall Overcome

Airdate: Fall 2004
Awards: News & Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Research This primetime series explores the American presidency and was conceived and hosted by historian Michael Beschloss for the Discovery Channel. This Emmy-winning episode looks at President Lyndon Johnson's decision to pass civil rights legislation.

° New York: A Documentary Film, American Experience (PBS)

Coordinating Producer
Airdate: September 2003
Awards: News & Documentary Emmy for Historical Programming: Long Form
This Emmy-Award winning eighth and final episode of the series, chronicles the rise and fall of the World Trade Center.

° Eugene O'Neill, American Experience (PBS)

Coordinating Producer
Airdate: Spring 2006
The story of the life and art of Eugene O'Neill: the world he came from, the father he struggled against, the theatre he transformed and the tragedies that nearly destroyed him

° The Andy Warhol Project, American Experience (PBS)

Coordinating Producer
Airdate: September 20 & 21st, 2006
Awards: Peabody Award

° The Pill, American Experience (PBS)

Associate Producer
Airdate: February 2003
Award: News & Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming This Emmy Award winning film tells the story of the struggle of women to control their fertility.

° Journeys of the Heart

Associate Producer
Meryl Streep hosts this documentary about how three people in high-stress professions - a teacher, an attorney and a social worker - rekindled passion for their work.

° Fatal Flood, American Experience (PBS)

Airdate: March 2002
A documentary that explores race relations in the Jim Crow south during the 1927 flood, the most destructive flood in the nation's history, before Katrina.
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