Amy Brown is an award-winning documentary director and producer with over ten years of professional experience. Her work has appeared on PBS, CBS, and many other networks. Before opening her own production company, Brown worked with directors, David Grubin, Ric Burns, and veteran "60 Minutes" correspondent and author of Charlie Wilson's War, George Crile. Her many credits include three Emmy-winning documentaries, one being the acclaimed eight-part series, "New York: A Documentary Film" which was broadcast nationally on PBS.

Brown directed and produced "Changing Lives, One Story at a Time," a verite documentary that follows the creative process of two New York City teens who use writing to overcome the stigma of growing up in foster care. She recently completed work on Grubin's upcoming PBS six-hour series, "The History of Jews in America."

She is currently directing "Rwanda Reporting," a feature-length documentary about a unique exchange program for Rwandan and western journalism students. The film follows students over a semester as they build friendships, cover under-reported stories, and debate the responsibilities of the press corps in a country where the media played a key role in fueling the 1994 genocide.

Brown received her Masters degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism and currently lives in New York City.